There are certain natural remedies that can work towards easing the pain, though they do not completely do away with the disease. There are many easies at home exercises to choose from. It acts as a natural muscle relaxant, hence its application can help relieve body pain. Apart from this, placing a humidifier in his/her room will help to clear the blocked nasal passages and provide relief from the coughing. Its roots, bark and berries are of immense medicinal value. This fruit also forms a part of Chinese medicines as it helps in the digestion process. Peppermint also has healing properties that help cure acidity, ulcers, and indigestion. Chelation therapy is primarily used to treat heavy metal poisoning using chelating agents. acupuncture smoking A refreshing summer drink, lemon balm tea can be made from fresh lemon balm growing in your garden. Ginkgo, indigenous to China, works in a way similar to cordyceps, in enhancing energy levels.

Belonging to the Labiatae or mint family of plants, the holy basil is said to strengthen the energy chakra system of the body. Applying the pure gel made of aloe Vera would quell the stinging of herpes eruptions. It is available in form of tea and pills. Ginger root extract is more advantageous than common pain killers.

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