Being antimicrobial in nature, this tea destroys microbial growth in the respiratory tract. It works by treating infections and increasing the body's resistance against pathogens. It also has many other benefits apart... The leaves are said to be antipyretic and have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is a herb used for helping people gain weight. Focusing your brain on a certain activity might make the pain easier to bear. Similarly, hot herbal compresses - what can acupuncture help wherein you dip a cotton cloth in warm water with chamomile or lavender flowers and apply it to swollen part of your face, or cold compresses with ice can also help in easing the pain associated with infected tooth to a great extent. Here's more about the uses and health benefits of the chervil herb. Let us look at the various alternative medical systems. Ginseng can help overweight people burn off fat fast. These stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, after neutralizing the acids in the stomach and thus, helps tone the muscles of the digestive tract. Black cohos is a very good example of highly efficient home remedies for hot flashes. This tea is popularly touted as a cancer-curing tea, although there is no scientific evidence to back the same. Some people take alfalfa tablets for the smooth functioning of the liver and for preventing gallstones. Here is a list of some herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy. Anyway, a muscle spasm can be relieved with some simple home remedies.

Remove the skin and grind into a fine paste. Long term consumption and abuse of chicory root will result in side-effects. Even peppermint tea and ginger tea are said to be useful for this purpose. However, this pricey essential oil is one of the most revered essential oils owing to its numerous uses. Use these to massage over the swollen parts; again, be careful not to apply it over abrasions. ยป Boil marigold flowers in water and cool it a bit.

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